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There are times when I find it convenient to run a program or park some files in a place that's out on the Internet, "in the cloud" as the marketing people like to say. Lately I've been using BSDvm.com for that. For just under US$ 10/month I chose a single-core NetBSD VM with 256M RAM and 5G disk. This may sound tiny but it's perfect for the text-based applications I run on it and, unlike many other VPS services, includes unmetered bandwidth.

I had expected to have to install NetBSD on the VPS but it was delivered as a freshly-installed NetBSD/i386 instance that looks and feels just like it does on bare metal. One surprise benefit was that when I "experimentally" erased the VM's hard disk, I was able to contact tech support who had it re-imaged almost immediately and at no cost. Because it has a public IP address, I can ssh into it and even run things like a Web server that I've used as a convenient way to get binary files to people without having to explain sftp. OpenBSD and FreeBSD are also available but I used NetBSD because I'm already familiar with it. I find the BSDvm a convenient thing to have around.