(Nissan Leaf)

I would like an electric car, partly because of the rising price of petrol. My previous job was about 30 miles away and a Nissan Leaf would have coped with that commute even if my workplace had no provision for charging. My current job has me working in the field and there are days when I drive 200 miles or more. Today reminded me why I can't buy an electric car: I had no time to stop and charge, even for a half-hour top-up. Another concern is the annual cycle of very cold winters and very hot summers. I suspect that might impact the lifespan of the battery.

Driving home I passed one of the filling stations that sells E-85. I've heard some debate about whether its reduced fuel economy offsets the lower price. I'm told it burns a bit cleaner though and it would reduce the amount of fossil fuel I get through every month. Sadly none of the nice little cars that interest me (Chevy Spark, Nissan Note etc.) have the "Flex Fuel" badge that tells me they can drink it.

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